Barry's Bootcamp **

Euston Station

A great, intense workout. The class is split in half doing intervals running on treadmills and switching to the floor for weights. Each day targets different muscles. For example one day will be arms and abs, another chest, backs and abs, another butt and legs, and on the weekends full body. A very clean studio, with great shower facilities. It's also nice having instructors with British accents. Also, get a protein smoothie after your workout, they're delicious and very much deserving.

Boom Cycle *

Holborn, Shoreditch

Somewhat similar to Soul Cycle. A fun, energizing class with great instructors. They have regular classes and classes with weights.

Frame Shoreditch


A dance and cardio workout studio. If you are looking for unique workout classes this is the place to go. I really enjoyed the trampoline class. The class involved various moves on mini trampolines which was really fun and a great workout! They also have yoga, fitness, and dance workout classes.